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Zenith Finance Testimonials

What Zenith finance clients say

At Zenith Finance we aim to provide every client with the smartest financing option for their business equipment, vehicle and property needs.

It’s about removing the confusion and frustration with friendly and professional help every step of the way. Not to mention, some very attractive numbers.

Here’s what just a few of our valued clients have to say:

“Hi Yolanda & David,
Thank you very much for all your assistance in this process. I recognise its been a rather messy and possibly painful transaction, and we appreciate your efforts in bringing us to settlement.
I look forward to being in touch again in the future for assistance in our financing requirements.
Thanks again…”

Andrew Hide, Exposure Productions NT
“Dear Richard, Yolanda and David,
I’ve just made my final payout to Westpac for my Audi A3.
I wanted to thank you all for the excellent service and respectful communications and highly professional negotiations – even for my small finance payout, treated by you with care and respect.
Hoping to finance my future goods with Zenith.
Kind Regards,

“Markitforce have been dealing with Zenith for well over seven years and throughout that time have always been extremely happy with the service and advice that Zenith have provided us. The one on one customer service that you get from Zenith is unbeatable.

Markitforce go to Zenith whenever we require new finance. As a fast growing company we rely on a finance broker that can assist us with a wide range of needs. We have always found the finance process to be smooth and extremely quick when the team at Zenith are involved. Markitforce are very happy to recommend Zenith to anyone looking to utilise their services.”

Sarah Rigby, Accountant
“Proactive, reactive and top quality personalised service. This is one company that does not sit back and wait for things to happen, They stand up and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

After contacting Zenith and expressing my interest to purchase my first home, I met with David Louie. I explained to David that I knew absolutely nothing about the process for purchasing a home and asked him to walk me through everything. I was treated like an individual and the most important thing was that I was not treated like an idiot. During the process of applying for the home loan, I was constantly kept up to date on what was happening and Zenith definitely went further than the extra mile to ensure that deadlines were met on time, and if they realised that this was not possible, I was told well in advance so that I could get extensions.”

Rob Moss, Executive Assistant
“Simon Says Television Pty Ltd (SSTV) is happy to endorse Zenith Finance, SSTV has been a client of Zenith since the late 90s when our first finance was arranged through Richard, and SSTV is still getting Zenith to provide finance for the company. Our most recent dealings with Zenith has taken place over the past month when we upgraded our equipment, the finance was finalised within an extremely short timeframe, David Louie, Finance Manager for Zenith worked quickly and professionally to ensure that we were able to secure this cutting edge equipment before a dramatic price increase occurred.
The reason I use Zenith is that I have experienced considerable frustration when dealing directly with lending institutions, Zenith save me time and money and manage the whole process with a minimal amount of disruption to my busy schedule.

What I like about Zenith is that they sort things out and make sure that you, the client, get what you need with the least amount of hassle.”

Simon Manzie, Director
“Richard, I have dealt with you and your company now for nearly 20 years, and I guess now many hundreds of forklift trucks later that you have arranged finance for through Nomad Materials Handling Pty Ltd, Pacific Rentals Pty Ltd and now for Odn Asia Pacific Pty Ltd.

Your attention to detail and your promptness in service confirms that our decision to select your company to supply our financial advice and services to us and our customers has been one of our smartest business decisions.

You have taken the time to understand the forklift truck hire and sales industry and treated us and our customer’s confidential information in a high professional manner. Many of our customers have confirmed this to us also when they have had dealings with your company from the one forklift truck owner to the multi-national company users.”
Bob Maxwell, Director

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Investment Basics – Understanding Your Gains And Losses

When you’re reviewing your investments, it’s important to remember that income and returns come from two main sources, Capital Gains and Interim Income.

Capital gain (or loss)

This is the difference in the overall value of your investment between when you purchased it and now (or the date that you sold it.) You can work it out as:
((Current or sale price per unit – purchase price) * number of units) – fees and taxes
For example, let’s assume that you purchased 100 shares of Amazing Blue Widget Co. for $50 each and then sold them for $80 each. You had to pay $10 to buy, $10 to sell and 15% tax on the profit, this would work out to: (($80 – $50)*100) – $20 – $450 = $2,430 or a return of 48.6% on your original $5,000 investment.

Interim income (dividends, interest etc.)

This is the amount that you’ve received in interim payments over the life of your investment. It’s calculated as:
(Interim % * value of investment) – taxes
You would need to work this out for each interim payment that you receive.
For example, let’s assume that you’ve held 100 ABWC shares for three years, and that they paid dividends of 3% a year; in the first year the shares were $50 each, in the second, $60 each and in the third $80 each. Your return would be: 3% of $5,000, $6,000 and $8,000 less tax; this works out to: $485.

Your total return

This is equal to your capital gain (or loss) plus your interim income. You can then compare this to your original purchase price to understand what percentage gain or loss that you’ve made.
For example, your purchase price of ABWC shares was $5,000; over three years, you’ve made $2,430 in capital gains and $485 in interim returns (dividends) for a total of $2,915. That’s an increase of 58.3% over three years, or 19.4% a year – Not bad!
You should compare your total return to your targets and life goals. This can help you decide if you should keep your investments, or if it would be wise to sell them.
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